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February 2015 Archives

Factors that affect child custody in domestic violence divorces

Family courts across the country walk a tightrope sometimes when deciding child custody cases involving domestic violence. On one hand, there is sufficient research to show that violence within the home often has adverse effects on the children who witness it. On the other hand, some spouses make false or inflated allegations of domestic violence in the hopes of improving their chances of obtaining sole child custody.

Can I maintain my current lifestyle after my high asset divorce?

There are many anxiety-provoking aspects of divorce. Both you and your children will have to adjust to new shared custody arrangements and visitation schedules. You may also find yourself having to relocate and in some cases, you may even lose long-term friendships with people familiar to both you and your ex-spouse.

Jennifer Aniston and fiancé haggle over prenuptial agreement

Popular actress Jennifer Aniston is reportedly in negotiations with her future husband regarding a prenuptial agreement. According to one source, the 46-year-old actress would like to protect a lucrative revenue stream from the online movie service Netflix. The actress is reportedly receiving royalties from Netflix worth $110 million from streaming reruns of the popular sitcom Friends.

Can a child custody order keep me from relocating out of state?

It is important to know that Minnesota family courts are always going to make decisions in child custody disputes based on the best interests of any children involved. Currently, Minnesota recognizes that a child's development is usually enhanced by having both parents actively involved in his or her life. For that reason, family courts are reluctant to allow out-of-state relocation with a minor child without good reason.

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