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January 2015 Archives

Understanding grandparents’ rights and adoption in Minnesota

In an ideal situation, children are raised in homes with loving parents who provide them with loving care. Unfortunately, many parents become unable or unwilling to remain in that capacity. Issues with substance abuse, domestic violence, incarceration or mental illness are all examples of conditions that may force children into the care of others.

Domestic violence can play a role in your Minnesota divorce

During the late 1970s, the medical community began making the connection between violence in the home and its adverse effects on marriage. Today, we know that domestic violence is comprised of a broad-ranging series of behaviors and actions based on power and control and can often result in the victim suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Uncovering concealed funds in high-asset divorces

In a previous entry on our website, we discussed Minnesota's status as an equitable distribution state. To the unfamiliar, that term might imply that any Minnesota divorce would split property and assets right down the middle. A truly equal split between both parties.

Can I challenge my premarital agreement in Minnesota?

The equitable distribution of property during a divorce is often a source of great controversy between spouses. Even couples who has been together for only a few years can acquire a considerable amount of property and assets that are worth fighting over.

Factors considered by Minnesota courts in child custody cases

Child custody is arguably the most hotly contested issue in divorces involving children. For most of us, children represent the most important aspects of our lives. It is easy to understand why some parents become so emotionally involved when it comes to determining the roles and responsibilities of each parent after a divorce.

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